Basic Fall Arrest US 229998 - 1 Day Course
Explaining the use and limitations of a range of fall arrest equipment and knowledge of applicable regulations. 1 Day Course.
Basic Fall Arrest Rescue US 229995 - 2 Day Course
Install, use and perform basic rescues from fall arrest systems and implement the fall protection plan. 2 Day Course.
Fall Protection Plan Development US 229994 - 3 Day Course
Assess a work site for work at height and prepare a fall protection plan. 3 Day Course.
Electrician FAS Rescue
This course is in line with the requirements of ESKOM to rapidly rescue a casualty after a fall from a structure. Learners are trained in the use of the FAS Rescue Kit and in the cause, risk and control of suspension trauma.
Forestry work at height and Evacuation
Specifically, for people to whom safe attachment as well as easy restraint and work positioning is essential, and also who demands the ability, knowledge, skills and confidence to rapidly evacuate themselves after a fall or when treetops are no longer safe. The Forestry Safety & Evacuation Kit will be employed to train learners to perform all above functions. Industries: Forestry, arboriculture, and bush clearing.
First Aid Training: Level 01, 02, 03
This course is applicable to any employee who is appointed as a First Aider. Trains the learner how to deal with injuries within the workplace. Training is done with both practical and theory assessments. Learners are also trained to be responsible for the first aid kits within the workplace. Recommend training be held on site so practical training can be aligned to specific operations of the customer. Level 02 pre-requisite – Level 01 Level 03 pre-requisite – Level 01 & 02
Emergency Evacuation Procedures
It is recommended that all appointed staff be trained in the event of an emergency. Duties and responsibilities of all key role players are explained and demonstrated. Included in this training is a fire risk assessment on the suitability of firefighting equipment in the workplace.
Hazard Identification Risk Assessment (HIRA)
Equips the employees to identify unsafe acts and conditions in their working environment that has the potential to impact negatively on the employer. This course is suitable for all management levels and S.H.E reps in the workplace. This course is essential to ensure the employer maintains an incident free rating. Recommend on-site training cover practical aspects specific to the workplace.
Health and Safety Awareness
The learners will be trained on the brief overview of the Act with emphasis on Section 8,14, 17 and 18 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (Act No.85, 1993) which deal with Duties of the Employer, Duties of the Employee, Health and Safety Representatives and Functions of the Health and Safety Representative.